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Project 386 #2: Beeps and RAM and manuals—oh my!

I’m still trying to get the 386 to boot or even show anything on the screen. All it does is beep loudly and continuously no matter what I do (save one thing, but that still doesn’t produce a picture and I doubt the CPU is even coming up in that instance—more below).


No fooling!

I’ve been working on my migration from centralized social media to stuff that I can build, manage, and own myself, and the next step in that process is Twitter-like microposts.

An always-available, online-capable Raspberry Pi in your pocket

These days, I’m building a lot of hardware projects based on the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi mini computer. Especially with the Raspberry Pi Zero W (an even tinier version, with the W denoting the wifi-capable version), you can have one anywhere and can power it from any USB power source.