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An always-available, online-capable Raspberry Pi in your pocket

These days, I’m building a lot of hardware projects based on the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi mini computer. Especially with the Raspberry Pi Zero W (an even tinier version, with the W denoting the wifi-capable version), you can have one anywhere and can power it from any USB power source.

Building a public art installation

In the interest of blogging more often, I’m trying to reduce the barrier to entry for what I consider a blog post and just getting more stuff out there. So, less polish and more “here’s where my head is at” with this one.

I've joined the board of App Camp For Girls

I’m very pleased to make the somewhat overdue announcement that I have joined the Board of Directors of App Camp For Girls, a non-profit that I’ve been involved with since its inception in 2013. App Camp seeks to correct the gender imbalance in the tech industry through summer day camps for female, non-gender-conforming, and transgender youth.