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In the middle of a new year

This week marks six months since I ended my run at Mapbox. “What have I been up to?”, he asked rhetorically.

Most notably, I’ve not been “working” in the traditional sense of the word. I’ve been taking this time to unplug a bit, at least from desk work after twenty years, and to think about what I want to be doing for the next little stretch.

Please help PurpleStride Portland 2017

Update: My band is doing a little fundraising debut show & open mic at my house the night before the run. Check out the show poster for more details. If you’re near Portland, I’d love to have you come by or even perform a little something! Get in touch and I can get you the details.

Update 2: Thanks to your support, I was the third-highest individual fundraiser for the whole event. This really meant a lot to me!

Since the loss of my wife Michelle last year, I’ve been involved with an organization called the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). Each year, many cities in the US hold a fundraising run called PurpleStride. This year Portland’s is on September 23 and you can help by donating to my team or even running with us.

Next up

Effective this week, I’m done with an over seven year run starting, building, and scaling mobile at the amazing Mapbox and I’m ready for some new adventures. I’m planning on a combination of relaxation, exploration, increased advocacy and time spent giving back, travel, rekindling old interests and hobbies, and baking pies, to name a few.

Towards healing

The following is a post that I drafted back in October, then let sit for months, planning to eventually get back to it. I decided to publish it mostly as-is in order to move on and to get to some other writing soon. As ever, things are moving fast and life is changing rapidly for me these days. Here’s a snapshot in time from a few months ago.