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The robe and the stool

I haven’t felt moved to write in a little while, but I sat at the counter next to someone at brunch today, someone a fair bit younger than me (easier and easier these days), who was handwriting in a journal. I mentioned to her that it was nice to see someone writing, with a pen and paper, in this day and age. We chatted about the pace of writing, and how the medium could affect your choice of words. It was a nice little chat.

And so for the rest of today, I’ve been sort of primed to think about the power of writing—even if it is typing.

Time healing, the physical layer, and storytelling

I’ve had some difficulty figuring out what to write next regarding this phase of my life, despite only a month passing since I laid out intentions to do just that. This is mostly because I feel like my healing has actually been going pretty well, or at least rapidly. Life is still very hard in some ways (keeping perspective relative to the rest of the world, of course), but I notice changes day by day in the way that I’m able to handle things and think about them, and especially how much less I’m getting upset or sad. Bittersweet is an apt word here, I think.

Writing in order to move on

This was going to be my programming and professional blog. A place to put technical thoughts, store my references to talks I’ve given and places I’ve traveled, and then pontificate on the tech landscape and the things that I keep learning along the way.

A lot has changed since I last wrote here and I debated writing about it elsewhere, but in truth, I need to write about it in order to move on and to get back to the tech stuff, so it might as well be here.

Mirror, mirror

Michelle tasked me this year for our Halloween party to build a magic mirror. You know the type — looks like a normal mirror, but has a spooky face that talks to you out of it. Ok, easy enough. This ended up being a fun project, made more so by me leaving it until the last minute and essentially time-boxing myself to 48 hours to build it out.