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Ask me anything

Via my colleague Tom MacWright, I thought I’d give this little “ask me anything” template project a whirl, seeing how it’s so easily accomplished in something like GitHub:

Feel free to post a question there and I’ll try to find time to answer. Seems like an interesting way to engage an audience outside of the context of particular blog posts or Twitter threads.

Updated talks page

Just a note that I’ve finally compiled a full list of talks and recorded appearances that I’ve done over the years. I’ll write more another time about the Jekyll templating that went into it (a positive way to spin it might be that I learned a lot), but for now, it’s up!

Safe handling of FileVault volumes with SleepWatcher

Owing to a recent corruption of my usual Time Capsule-based local network backup (which seems to be fairly common), a month or two ago I started backing things up to a local USB 3 drive attached to my Cinema Display. This is probably a stopgap until I decide to redo my Time Capsule backup, but I wanted to get a bit of backup history under my belt before I wipe the old one.

Swift's Objective-C bridging and initializers

I ran into an interesting issue the other day with an Objective-C API that was bridged for use in Swift. For anyone who hasn’t used this functionality before, you can designate one or more Objective-C library header files to include in the workspace by way of a “bridging header”. All of those APIs will be made available to a Swift app. Not only do you get global use of the headers’ APIs, but you get it using Swift’s syntax. It’s pretty neat.