I have been practicing photography seriously since 2009, mostly focusing on wildlife and events such as conferences. Mallorn Imagery is where I showcase wildlife photos and occasionally blog about photography.

Code Sorcery Workshop

Prior to joining Mapbox full-time, I ran a solo consultancy for nearly five years, building solutions for customers worldwide in the areas of Mac and iOS development (including early iOS work on the first Starbucks and Zipcar apps), web development (primarily in Drupal and PHP), and systems administration. I also created and sold two popular Mac desktop applications, Pukka and Meerkat. I’ve preserved the now-dormant website due to the number of technical blog posts, forum discussions, and other random bits of possible interest.


In 2009 while at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, my friends Mike, Brian, and I became disillusioned with the buzzwordy and hollow feel to many of the proposed businesses and ideas that we were encountering. TractorLizard was our parody of it all, complete with intentional typos, broken links, an automatic business plan generator, and even some founder videos in which we ad libbed interview answers (of which I’m particularly proud).


I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 2001, and before that, I basically made a wiki-like site that I’ve since lost. If I had any foresight about it, I would have named the software, published it, and pulled down that sweet, sweet wiki lucre that Ward does.

  • LiveJournal (2001-2010) I made this friends-only out of sheer embarrassment some years back. Early days of work, relationships, and even a band, mostly while living in upstate New York and Virginia.

  • (2005-2007) My first real blog intended for the public, while living in Washington, DC.

  • (2004-2006) Where Michelle and I blogged for friends and family leading up to our wedding.

  • (2008-2010, now defunct) Travels and life in Europe and the US between leaving DC and settling in Portland.

  • (2006-2012) Technical and business blog while I ran my own company.