A brief overview of my activities and focus of the past few months. You can also read more about the now page concept.

Last updated on September 20, 2023.

I don’t foresee any significant availability for new client projects in the near future, but don’t let that stop you from saying hello anyway.

August travel & photography

August was very busy with travel to Missouri, Bend, and the coast, involving some back-to-back days of driving 200 miles — first across Missouri, then the next day across Oregon. It was all family and friend travel, and as a whole, was a great time. I shot photos for my oldest niece’s wedding, and it was nice to shoot again after a while off. I’ve been thinking of getting back into wildlife photography, but I’ll have to find some more time for that to happen.

Catch the Wave!

I just completed my booth for OMSI’s inaugural science festival about electromagnets and sound waves called Catch the Wave!. I’m very happy with how it turned out and plan on writing and documenting the final product and the design and build process over the next few weeks. I’ll also be participating in the Girl Scouts of Oregon & SW Washington’s STEM Day in November, which will be a great chance to reach more young people with fun science concepts.

Upcoming travel

I’ve got a decent amount of travel coming up — Cape Cod in late September to visit family, Pasadena in early November for Hackaday Supercon, and Amsterdam (our first time!) in late November & early December for Jessica’s birthday.


On the learning front, I fell off the wagon a bit with daily illustration practice, but I did design the Catch the Wave! logo for use on the website and the stickers that I handed out. I’m holding steady on Rubik’s cube solving — not getting significantly faster, but also not trying that hard — and finding it a nice fidgety diversion during the workday. I fixed an Atari 2600 by diagnosing and swapping out the TIA chip from another, but haven’t found much time to play it yet, thought I did get a lot better at using an oscilloscope.