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I offer consulting services in software, hardware, and the melding of the two in the virtual and physical worlds.

I specialize in:

I get up to speed on projects quickly and turn around delightful and high-quality results, often while introducing efficiencies into existing processes or creating those where none existed before.

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Experience and philosophy 🤔

Over the past twenty-five years, I have worked at all levels of technology, including:

I am an expert in soft skills that can often be underestimated in a project until you are beset with problems resulting from their absence — code organization and version control, the right balance of abstraction in system design, building for maintainability and debugging, documentation and written communications, remote work, simplicity and elegance, and honesty in planning and timelines.

Software 🧑🏼‍💻

Most of my career has been in software systems, especially in finding good technologies early.

I was involved with the use of, contribution to, funding of, and advocacy for the earliest days of the commercial use of open source software beginning in 1997, back when the main question was “why would I use free software written by strangers on the internet?”. I had a hunch that open source would transform the world.

Today, every part of the systems between me writing this and you reading it have been influenced by or are directly using open source software. It is estimated that 97% of apps and 90% of companies are using open source.

Starting in 2002, I had a hunch that Apple was going to turn itself around and spent the next part of my career becoming an expert in Mac, then iPhone programming. I successfully sold my own software (here and here) directly on the internet before app stores existed and I have, according to Stack Overflow, reached over 300,000 people online in the support of the iPhone tools which I wrote professionally.

I have co-founded and set on a successful path a variety of technology companies providing web and email hosting, political and social cause consulting, and mobile phone high technology, working with server stacks, web applications, high-performance graphical rendering, and “glue code” to reliably hold complex systems together.

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Hardware ⚙️️

I have over five years of experience with hobbyist- and prototype-level electronics design, plus some work in commercial hardware research and development. At this point in my career, I would do best at a prototyping/proof-of-concept/R&D level or working alongside more experienced engineers, particularly involving hardware/software/internet integration.

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Bridging virtual and physical 💡

Some of the technologies that are the most interesting to me are where the worlds of hardware, software, and the physical world combine — augmented reality, interactive technology (particularly involving light and sound, as I have done with public art), and bringing ideas to life physically by creating and refining 3D designed and printed objects.

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Rates and contracting details 🤝

Accounting I work on a 1099 basis under the company name Fusion Industries LLC and am available at hourly, daily, or weekly rates. I prefer to invoice every two weeks on a NET 15 basis. I am a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.

Remote work While I am based in Portland, OR, I am an expert at working remotely and have been doing so since 2006, both solo and as part of larger teams and full-time as well as on a freelance basis.

Rates I can vary my rate based on my level of expertise in a certain technology and will be upfront about my experience. Next to helping you realize your vision, I’m primarily driven by the thrill of learning, exploring, and giving back and will often offer a discount if your goals line up with my own or if there is a potential for open sourcing any non-proprietary components of the project for use by others.

Approach I prefer a shorter, iterative, discovery-based series of engagements where we can first evaluate the working relationship fit, but also produce a work product at each step of the way from exploring an idea to prototyping to building a finished product. My goal is to show my work and, if you so choose or if the situation requires it, leave you with the tools and answers you need should we decide to go different ways.

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You can read more about me on this site — aside from my posts and links, areas of interest might include public speaking engagements, details on my recent projects, and where else to find me online.

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For professional inquiries, please email me at my two initials at I look forward to hearing from you!