Current projects

Swift & Objective-C framework programming (client)
New feature and maintenance work on consumer application, primarily in the areas of network-based graphical rendering & authentication cryptography
Catch the Wave!
Science fair-inspired booth with electromagnet & sound wave experiments
2023-now · link
Motusphera (client)
Firmware & control systems for kinetic sculptures
2022-now · link
Rich Earth Institute (client)
Systems to process human urine into agricultural fertilizer
2021-now · link
Consumer product
Self-designed consumer electronics product in R&D mode
Over a dozen late-70s to early-90s computer systems for study, play, and restoration
2020-now · link
Fusion Industries (self-employed)
Software, hardware, firmware prototyping & fabrication services
2017-now · link
Vintage Volkswagens
Restoring & hacking 80s Volkwagen camper vans
2017-now · link
Mallorn Imagery (self-employed)
Wildlife & event photography
2009-now · link

Past projects

PCB Ornament
Printed circuit board design, manufacture, and assembly
2020-2023 · post
Balena overview
Video presentation on fault-tolerant hardware deployment service
2023 · GitHub
Experiments with single instruction machine language
2023 · GitHub
Gumballtron 3000
Reuse-focused contraption for dispensing gumballs
2021 · link
MINIL Monitor Improved
Learning tool for machine-level computer programming
2021 · GitHub
Pi buttons
Prototype interface for button-based text entry on small devices
2021 · GitHub
Bash prompt
Command-line configuration utility
2021 · GitHub
CAD modifications to support smaller printers producing emergency PPE for COVID-19
2020 · micropost
Dream Dial
Interactive story sharing & listening kiosk
2020 · link
Command-line browser tab management Mac utility app
2020 · GitHub
Kerbspace (client)
Hardware & firmware design for EV charging kiosk system
2019-2020 · link
Temp Talker
Talking pocket-sized thermometer
2020 · GitHub
Memory performance Mac utility app
2020 · GitHub
App Camp for Girls
Board member of non-profit inspiring and empowering girls, transgender, and gender-nonconforming youth to technology careers
2017-2020 · post
Parrot Prop
Talking 3D-printed costume prop
2019 · link
Giant-sized percussive electronic xylophone
2019 · link
Hands-On AR
Interactive augmented reality Maker Faire booth
2018 · post
Mapbox (employer)
Early framework programming, team productivity, and platform evangelism for VC-backed mapping tools startup (now worth $1B+)
2010-2017 · link
Mirror, Mirror
Motion-activated haunted mirror party prop
2015 · post
Travel Map
Interactive map backed by dynamic content
2015 · link
SceneKit Demo
3D text framework demonstration app
2014 · GitHub
Screen mirroring iPad utility app
2013 · GitHub
Shareware bookmarking app for Mac
2006-2012 · link
Shareware network tunneling app for Mac
2008-2012 · link
Code Sorcery Workshop (self-employed)
Consulting and instruction on server administration and app development
2006-2011 · link
Clouds 365 (client)
Server administration, website backend, and iPhone app design & development for award-winning photography project
2009-2011 · link
GreenPrint (client)
Mac app development for paper-saving print utility
2008-2011 · link
Microfinance Information Exchange (client)
Server administration & web app development for microfinance resource organization
2010-2011 · link
Nia (client)
Web app development and server administration for global fitness & martial arts organization
2009-2011 · link
Proctors Theatre (client)
Server administration for non-profit theatre organization & historic building
2006-2011 · link
Small Society (client)
Agency iPhone development for early App Store brands including Starbucks and Zipcar
2009-2011 · link
Geoloqi (client)
iOS app & server development for mobile location platform
2010-2011 · link
Makalu Interactive (client)
Web app development for agency working on multinational logistics collaboration platform
2007-2010 · link
The Cherry Hill Company (client)
Web development for library & knowledge management consultancy
2009-2010 · link
Drupal Advanced Comment Trigger
Content management system plugin for combatting link spam
2010 · link
Drupal File Relations Server
Content management system plugin for interfacing websites and desktop filesystems
2009-2010 · link
Tractor Lizard
Satirical buzzword-compliant business plan generator
2009 · link
Icon design Mac utility app
2009 · GitHub
Bluecadet (client)
Server management for web consultancy to museums
2007-2009 · link
Drupal WebDAV
Connecting desktop file management and website content management
2008 · GitHub
Environmental Working Group (client)
Server administration, in-office IT, and database design & development for environmental non-profit
2007-2008 · link
Kiplinger (client)
Server installation, management, and administration for financial magazine
2007-2008 · link
EchoDitto (employer)
Internet infrastructure design & admin for progressive causes, campaigns, celebrities, and other public figures
2004-2006 · link
BMA Enterprises (employer)
Backup, in-office IT support, and app development for medical, accounting, and government contract sectors
2003-2004 · link
Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer (client)
Web development & site architecture for non-profit
2002-2004 · link
HostRocket (employer)
Web, email, and domain hosting
2001-2003 · link
Voxel Dot Net (co-founder)
Web, email, and domain hosting and app consulting (eventually sold for $35M)
1999-2001 · link
Contributor of encryption support in open source communications framework
2001 · GitHub
Mutt-GnuPG Howto
Email encryption tutorial
2001 · link
Simple Online Solutions (co-founder)
Early online commerce for local businesses
1997-2000 · link
Intranaut (client)
App consulting and server administration
GUI Linux app for email notifications
1999 · link (client)
Website development and editorial team management
1999 · link
Web Authentication Tutorial
Technical design & documentation
1998 · link