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Project 386 #3: First signs of life

On Day 22, finally, I got a hint that I may be able to get this project running in its original incarnation. But first, I’ll take a step back as well as, at the end, address the all-important question of: why?

How I'm Getting Things Done in 2020

I’ve been using OmniFocus for years. It’s outstanding, but I had found in recent years that my projects and todo lists were becoming overwhelming and needed an overhaul. I was spending too much time trying to figure out what to tackle on my list, constantly feeling anxious about prioritization and about properly teeing myself up to be successful and to get things done.

Project 386 #2: Beeps and RAM and manuals—oh my!

I’m still trying to get the 386 to boot or even show anything on the screen. All it does is beep loudly and continuously no matter what I do (save one thing, but that still doesn’t produce a picture and I doubt the CPU is even coming up in that instance—more below).

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