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The Original Blue LED

Days after the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to three Japanese-born scientists for their work with LED lights, CHF’s Benjamin Gross and retired physicist Jonathan Allen visited The College of New Jersey’s Sarnoff Collection, a small electronics museum where Ben serves as curator and Jonathan volunteers. Their target: what they described as the original LED, made in 1972 by an RCA researcher named Herb Maruska. With Herb on speakerphone (hooked up to one of the collection’s antique speakers, of course), Ben and Jonathan set out to light up the old contraption.

Briefcase by BeeWare

Convert a Python project into a standalone native application.

Spielman Bagels’ Co-Founder Rick Spielman Has Died

“One of the things I’ve been hearing from people recently is how much they remembered his enthusiasm,” his son says. “He would become interested with a subject and then just fully immerse himself in learning all about it. When he saw you, he couldn’t wait to tell you about it.”

Sad. He was always super friendly, and one time introduced me to his salmon cream cheese guy.

A new Portland restaurant group wants to reshape the food industry

“We kind of went the opposite direction,” he said. “We wanted to focus on doing things that would make us happy and happiness for us didn’t mean a bunch of different restaurants, it doesn’t mean you make a bunch of money, doesn’t mean that you become super famous, this whole thing is about for us, is about paying it forward.”


Wiby Search Engine

Giving a Shit as a Service

I used to puzzle over why potential clients who reached out to me always seemed to get more interested in hiring us if I tried to dissuade them by asking challenging questions. I think the biggest reason is that pushing back demonstrated that I care. If you email 4 software studios for a quote and 3 say “Sure, here’s a quote” but the 4th says “Hm, we certainly could build it but we can’t be sure about cost without knowing X and Y, and here are some other concerns we’d have” then the 4th is going to seem like they give a shit.

I see this.

Software disenchantment

You don’t have to be a genius to write fast programs. There’s no magic trick. The only thing required is not building on top of a huge pile of crap that modern toolchain is.

Portland artist Mike Bennett loves dinosaurs. He thinks you’ll love them too after visiting his pop-up museum, Dinolandia.

Dinolandia is the brainchild of Mike Bennett, a Portland-based visual artist and self-proclaimed “Public Joy Creator” who brought together a team of 33 friends, fellow artists and volunteers to help him install, paint and light the prehistoric playland this spring, using 120 gallons of recycled paint and more than 420 sheets of donated plywood. He also had a friend compose a soundtrack and even starred as a mad scientist who needs your help to fix a broken time machine in a series of interactive videos.

Popeye is getting a makeover at age 93

One aspect of Segar’s run that Milholland cherishes is that Popeye would say: I will protect any child I meet. Oh, you’re down on your luck? I will be here to help you.

“Coming out of the Depression,” Milholland says, “that really was a lot.”

The faces from China’s Uyghur detention camps

Thousands of photographs from the heart of China’s highly secretive system of mass incarceration in Xinjiang, as well as a shoot-to-kill policy for those who try to escape, are among a huge cache of data hacked from police computer servers in the region.

Input: Fonts for Code

Input is a flexible system of fonts designed specifically for code by David Jonathan Ross. It offers both monospaced and proportional fonts, all with a large range of widths, weights, and styles for richer code formatting.


a chunky monospaced bitmap programming font for old nerds that hate eyestrain


ARM “Microprocessor Trainer” code base


Create your own complete Web color system fast and easy!

How does UTF-8 turn “😂” into “F09F9882”?

If you’re anything like me, you love emojis! Emojis appear like an image on the screen, but they aren’t an image like a PNG or JPEG. What do emojis look like to computers?