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An operating system, but it only plays Tetris.

Cuomo Signs New York Bill Requiring Low-Cost Broadband Access

The bill passed by the state legislature caps a basic broadband plan at $15 a month and a higher-speed one at $20. Currently, a basic high-speed plan costs on average more than $50 a month, according to a statement from Assembly member Amy Paulin.

LEGO IDEAS - Macintosh Plus Apple

The Macintosh Plus built in 1:1 scale.

Beautiful build, even if the description is a little inaccurate and the real deal was only black & white.


3D Printable Retro-style Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

Deep Dive on Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall

This is probably my favorite hidden detail from Back to the Future. We recently hosted a rotating movie/drink (Zoom) pairing with BTTF and a Lone Pine Gin Smash as a tribute.


A horizontal version of tetris for braille display users

A Kids Book About Anti-Asian Hate

In response to the growing racism and Anti-Asian hate toward the Asian community, we created a completely FREE resource to help grownups and kids learn about it, talk about it, and help do something about it.

Programming as Meditation

That’s how programming has felt for me ever since I got my first BASIC program working back when I was a kid. Even when it was just me going up to the Commodore 64 display model at Kmart in the 1980s and typing:

20 GOTO 10

and then scurrying away with uncontrollable giggles — which I did, religiously, every single time we went to Kmart — I got that thrill.

The lack of a price tag seems almost criminal

There’s nothing wrong with commercial software — NetNewsWire was commercial software for many, many years — but it’s also a great freedom to us that it’s not. And it allows us to make something much greater than I would have made all on my own.


An amazingly beautiful digital sculpture that almost seems organic in its movement and response to sound.

This is a story about how I lost $10,000,000 by doing something stupid.

This is a story about how I lost $10,000,000 by doing something stupid.

Ten. Million. Dollars.

Literally up in smoke. Money bonfire.

That’s enough to retire with $250,000+ in annual income.

Here’s what happened…

I really appreciate this honestly and humility. It’s nice to hear an ego-less story once in a while about entrepreneurs who failed — and why.


Cheap EMUlator: lightweight multi-architecture assembly playground

Oregon Legislature looks at giving people the right to repair their stuff

Anyone who has ever tried to replace a computer battery or fix a broken washing machine knows that manufacturers don’t make it easy. They use screws with special heads that are hard to open, or they won’t sell the necessary parts or provide the service manual. So the “Right to Repair” bill would make life easier and cheaper for people who want to fix an old laptop and give it to their kids, for example.

At Home with Down Syndrome

One was shown “a really pitiful video first of people with DS who were very low tone and lethargic looking” and then told that “our child would never be able to read, write, or count change.” Others regretted that they had not been offered contact information for other parents who have children with Down syndrome — connections that, where made, proved to be one of the most important and supportive factors in the mothers’ decisions to continue their pregnancies.

Guidelines for Freelance Developers Working with Me

Freelancers work well if you manage the relationship properly, but there are hundreds of ways it can go wrong. The best way to start things off is by reaching a shared understanding of your freelancer-client relationship.

Provider Directory

The right partners can make or break your project. The people and organizations listed here have all interacted with either Crowd Supply directly or one or more projects that have launched on Crowd Supply.

Nice list of manufacturers and consultants that can help with projects.

The Classic Lego Space Flight Jacket

Here’s a little project that we’ve been working towards for a long time: a custom-painted leather flight jacket (“bomber jacket”) featuring the “Classic Lego Space” logo.