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Playdate’s crank control input has been an idea 8 years in the making

“Everything we do is to create kind of an alternative to touch-screen psychosis,” Kouthoofd said years later on an episode of the Panic Podcast. “It’s very effective for, like, a smartphone, but for a gaming device … A gaming device to me is almost the same as a musical instrument. It’s about zero latency, muscle memory, and you need to feel that you are in instant control of everything that happens. That tactility, however you solve it, if it’s pressing a button or turning a knob or a crank, it’s very important for the whole experience and the joy of being in control and using your hands.”

Alpha compositing, OpenGL blending and premultiplied alpha

Image compositing is the process of combining one or more images into a single one. Compositing can be done in any number of ways, but a very common way of doing it is to use the alpha channel for blending. Here, alpha is loosely treated as opacity.

Desert Island Discs: Robert Plant, singer and songwriter

Robert Plant, singer and songwriter, shares the eight tracks, book and luxury item he would take with him if cast away to a desert island.

TIL Robert plant considers a wicker basket full of homing pigeons a luxury item.

The Adirondacks

The story of the Adirondacks is told through a series of passionate characters, each with a distinct perspective. Through their stories The Adirondacks explores this remarkable region and reveals a delicate and dynamic relationship between progress and preservation.

What If We Told The Truth About History?

Author and poet Elizabeth Alexander joins Stephen to talk about the content and goals of her new book, “The Trayvon Generation,” which features works of art inspired by the struggle against racism.


FastAPI is a modern, fast (high-performance), web framework for building APIs with Python 3.6+ based on standard Python type hints.


📦 Mac App Store command line interface

In the Shadow of the Star Wars Kid

Like so many others, I saw my geeky teenage self when first watching the Star Wars Kid video, and sitting across from this 34-year-old man, I saw a parallel-world version of myself in my 30s. I first fell in love with the internet at age 15, the age Ghyslain was when he made the video.

That night, I couldn’t help but wonder how his life would have changed if it never happened. I was surprised to see that in the final film, there’s a moment where Ghyslain talks about our meeting, and wonders exactly the same thing. I hope you take the time to watch it.


My joke about aging is that I know I’m in the exit line, but I let others cut in. I just wish this time it hadn’t been David.

But the line does keep moving, while the world holds the door.

Very touching tribute from Doc Searls.

Tom MacWright on burnout

The thing is, when I’m inspired and motivated on Placemark – which is thankfully often – there’s no effort in sitting down and working. That kind of work isn’t so different from play, or study. It doesn’t burn me out.

I love this. My whole career has been a quest to keep the things I’m working on (for pay or otherwise) aligned with the things that inspire and motivate me.

The Door Problem

One of the reasons I like this example is because it’s so mundane. There’s an impression that game design is flashy and cool and about crazy ideas and fun all the time. But when I start off with, “Let me tell you about doors…” it cuts straight to the everyday practical considerations.

Amazon Opens a Whole Foods With the Next Step in Automation

The technology is comparable to what’s in driverless cars. It identifies when we lift a product from a shelf, freezer or produce bin; automatically itemizes the goods; and charges us when we leave the store. Anyone with an Amazon account, not just Prime members, can shop this way and skip a cash register since the bill shows up in our Amazon account.


A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display…


List of projects that provide terminal user interfaces


C package manager-ish