You might also be interested in a few series that I've written.

fari: fast Safari tab browsing

I’ve been hacking on and off for a few years on a little open source side project, fari. It’s a terminal-based utility for the Mac for quickly zipping through the tabs that you’ve got open in Safari.

How my link blog works

Despite not posting stuff as much as I’d like to get around to on this site, I do keep my link blog pretty active. It lets me share publicly some links to things on the web, sometimes with commentary.

Here’s an overview of how I use it and how it works.

Repurposing Hugo as a wiki

As part of a project that I’m working on, I decided to see if I could repurpose the excellent Hugo website framework (which also powers this very site) as a single-user wiki of sorts.

Now page year-end 2023

I just updated my now page. I like it because it’s something I can do three or four times a year, pretty casually, and feel like I’m not so behind in talking about WTF I’m actually doing with my time.