Gumballtron 3000

What: My answer to the ReBuilding Center’s 2021 Salvage Showdown. If you’ve ever wondered whether you can make a gumball dispenser out of a bookshelf, a drill, some curtain rods, and a pile of toilet parts, you needn’t wonder any more.

Why: You can support the ReBuilding Center by checking out the other builds and buying raffle tickets to vote for (and possibly win!) them, or by buying tickets to the event on September 23 (Note: 2021). All funds raised go to the ReBuilding Center, which is doing great work:

ReBuilding Center is a climate justice organization on a mission to make reuse and repair accessible to all as a means to reduce waste, end overconsumption, and empower homeowners and renters by making better use of our existing resources.

You can specifically buy raffle tickets for my piece here.

How: Since my build is less on the traditional “piece of craftsmanship” side and more on the “crazy contraption to see if it’s possible” side, for the winner of my piece, I’m also offering a day in my shop, where we can explore the techniques that I used to make this. If you’ve ever wondered about how any of these happen:

We can go over it in person.* Once again, please buy your raffle tickets and support the ReBuilding Center.

* With COVID-19 safety protocols, of course.