Please help PurpleStride Portland 2017

Update: My band is doing a little fundraising debut show & open mic at my house the night before the run. Check out the show poster for more details. If you’re near Portland, I’d love to have you come by or even perform a little something! Get in touch and I can get you the details.

Update 2: Thanks to your support, I was the third-highest individual fundraiser for the whole event. This really meant a lot to me!

Since the loss of my wife Michelle last year, I’ve been involved with an organization called the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). Each year, many cities in the US hold a fundraising run called PurpleStride. This year Portland’s is on September 23 and you can help by donating to my team or even running with us.

You can donate at either link, depending on if you want it to show me as the fundraiser or not. I’m trying to raise $5,000 myself and $20,000 for the team, while getting at least 20 people to run again this year.

Our inaugural PurpleStride team in 2016 (photo by Sam Grover)

Last year I was on local television to tell Michelle’s story and to drum up support for the run. This year, I’m hoping for more people on the team and more funds raised.

Watch to learn more about Michelle's story and what PanCAN does

I’ve long had mixed feelings about fundraising runs and other events like this. Sometimes they feel like they are a lot of show and production and administrative overhead. But the truth is that awareness is needed, funds are needed, and an outlet is needed for myself and other folks who were devastated by Michelle’s illness and death. It’s a great way to remember her and to do something, anything, which makes us feel less powerless and goes even inches towards preventing this from happening to anyone else ever again.

Thanks in advance for any donations, participation, or even just passing this link along. 💜