No fooling!

I’ve been working on my migration from centralized social media to stuff that I can build, manage, and own myself, and the next step in that process is Twitter-like microposts.

For a long while now, I’ve been taking steps to reduce my traditional social media use:

Don’t get me wrong: social media, particularly Twitter, has been amazing at certain points in my life, especially during some of the hardest times.

But a big part of my reasoning for these actions is the fact that traditional social media as an industry incentivizes — and monetizes — divisive, controversial content. Others have written about this much more eloquently and at greater length than I, but it’s something that I’ve believed in for a few years now. I felt increasingly guilty about using the platforms to communicate, with my content being sold as the product.

There’s still a bunch of stuff left for me to do:

I started to go down the rabbit hole of implementing more of this before even launching the part I have done now, but… there is always something more to do, isn’t there?

I thought it best to plant a flag and make a little bit of forward progress.