When these were active, I'd syndicate over to Micro.blog. I'm no longer using Twitter. I'm currently active on Mastodon, which doesn't get reflected here.

Things are moving along on my Salvage Showdown build. If you’d like to get a raffle ticket to potentially win my or other pieces entered, they are now available! More info here. Event is September 23 and all proceeds go to the ReBuilding Center.

Whipped up an interface prototype for a project that’s been very fun to hack on. This is a Linux computer with a 1.14-inch color screen on which you can (rudimentarily) enter text. I’ve been greatly inspired by the Technoblogy, um, blog, which has a bunch of super cute mini projects based on the ATtiny series of chips.

Currently 95F inside the house with our screen and fan mitigation, and 109F outside and still climbing. At least during midday, we’ve been confined to the basement where fans keep it more like in the 70s and pretty tolerable. Hope everyone is staying safe out there.

Eleven years ago, I joined Mapbox when it was a tiny team. Over the next seven years, I collaborated with incredible people and together we built many amazing and powerful things.

Today, ahead of the possibility of the company going public, a majority of the current US-based team have created perhaps their most powerful project yet — an employee union.

We, the workers of Mapbox, power a live location platform relied on by hundreds of millions of people. We are building and advocating for our users, working to provide for ourselves and the ones we love, and collectively invested in improving our communities.

Also of note: it’s not only the tech workers.

This project was at least a year and a half in the making. Kudos to them and best of luck.