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Last night, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our sweet pup Ronny.

As it turns out, what we’ve been dealing with since March was lymphoma. While he had a great rebound and near-total recovery, it was in fact remission and this week he declined very rapidly and had a whole host of complications hit him at once. We headed into the ER yesterday afternoon and made the decision to put him to sleep after the vets were able to get a handle and prognosis on what was going on.

While I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a dog person before, and that, a lot of the time, Ronny was a giant pain in my ass (in the best possible way), he was such a loving, smart, eager companion, up for any adventure, and he totally won me over.

He’d been to the tops of many mountains, van trips to California, showshoeing in Oregon and all the way in Montana, he spent an hour in Canada once, and was even in the ICU at Michelle’s side when she passed. Ronny was, from the start, “Michelle’s dog”, and even the last activity she did while healthy was a local run with him at her side. But life moved on and I, and later Jessica, adjusted to giving him the life and adventures that he deserved.

Everyone probably feels like their pets were the best, the most unique, the smartest, the most loving, the most interesting. I certainly felt that way about Ronny.

This is the first time for me since 2001 without a pet at home, so it’ll take a while to get used to no door greets, no mail delivery or potential yard intruder alerts, no 24/7 squirrel surveillance.

So long, friend. 💜

Surplus Gizmos is a national, but certainly Portland, treasure. I went recently to pick up some random doodads and browse around, and I was asked if I mind being charged only $0.03 for the last two of my (small) items so that the checkout total would be $66.66.


Not a big surprise given the FOR LEASE sign that’s been up, but I’m really gonna miss these folks. A big part of my daily routine for a long time, most memorably last summer.

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At the risk of stating the obvious: what a crazy few months it has been.  - FIRST THE GOOD NEWS: Marigold Coffee is still roasting. - The pandemic has taken a toll on the small business community, and our business is no exception. When we first closed the cafe back in March we didn’t know how long we’d need to stay closed or what the future would look like. We’ve had to reassess our entire strategy and are trying to predict what we can and cannot do in order to survive and operate safely. - After much deliberation we’ve made the decision to forego renewing our cafe lease. We’ve concluded that it is not sustainable under the terms we were offered combined with the ongoing uncertainties of the pandemic. - There are so many things to grieve these days. While the decision to end our tenure at Holgate is the right one, it is still very disappointing and difficult, nonetheless. We are truly sad to see this chapter of Marigold come to an end.  - At the same time, we are full of gratitude for each of you, all our loyal customers. We will miss you all! Thank you for patronage, your kindness and your company. - To our wonderful baristas who brought the sunshine to this corner of Holgate: You’ve all worked so hard to make the cafe a special and welcoming place for our customers and for your fellow co-workers. You’ve been a part of creating a wonderful community and for that we so grateful. Thank you for being such an awesome group of humans to work with. - I tried to find photos of our team of baristas over the years, but sadly I’ve missed a few lovely faces. Please send photos if you have any memories you’d like to share of your time with us at the cafe.  - While we are not re-opening the cafe at this location, Our wholesale business is gaining strength and taking new shape. In spite of the many challenges and setbacks we have a lot to be optimistic about. We hope to re-open a cafe someday, we just cannot say when or even what that would look like. - With gratitude and wishes for your health and well-being, Joey Gleason Kate Kinne Cassy Gleason

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I feel like all of this is painfully obvious to even the most ignorant now, but lest it not be clear where I stand:

  1. Wear a damn mask. It’s proven effective and it costs you nothing.
  2. A national-level response to the pandemic is required, but has been missing from the start. This is unprecedented and idiotic. This is why the country is lurching and jerking towards and away from successes, and why overall, things are worse now than they have ever been.
  3. We officially are not allowed to travel to 27 countries whose populations, combined, larger than our country, still have fewer cases than we do. Think about that.
  4. The worst is still ahead of us.
  5. Black lives matter.


Still having a good time with the nephews building on LEGO themes and sharing over video chat. This week’s was “something water”, so I kept things Apple-y and went with a Big Sur-inspired build. 🤙🏻

I finally got another blog post in about that old 386 computer, actually getting it to work, going through all sorts of retro fun, and learning a bit about our modern-day relationship with computers and the internet.

Project 386 #4: Against all odds, success

I’d love to know if anyone would be interested in seeing a video series of this thing in action, too.

Portland friends! This guy is great; I’ve seen him two years running at a van campout event I go to in Bend. Take him up on his offer! #BlackLivesMatter

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⚡️PORTLAND⚡️This week we will be based in Portland, Oregon offering complimentary mobile coffee services to individuals and organizations working to support the Black Lives Matter movement. > PDX BLM Community Organizers -> We are offering free coffee to those of you working on the front-line. Rallies, protests, vigils, community events, whatever is going. Reach out, we can be there. Zero costs associated with this. Thank you! > Portland Public -> With proof of a direct-donation (from June 8 onward) to an organization working to support the Black Lives Matter movement we will come to your Portland address to craft drip coffee & espresso drinks on-site. A $150+ direct BLM donation gets you up to 20 (negotiable if more needed) coffee drinks to your door. Office, neighborhood, anywhere. More details and contact through link in bio. • • 📍: portland, oregon

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