I’ve been building more with LEGOs lately, mostly to have fun with a couple of my nephews over Zoom calls in a noncompetitive, pseudo-LEGO Masters of our own, and a little bit to organize what I have as yet another house-focused project in these quarantined times.

Serendipitously, I recently found a photo that’s probably the earliest of me with LEGOs, probably pre-1980. I looked up the set, tooβ€”it’s Set Number 112 from 1977.

I’d love to recreate this pic sometime. Just need some footie pajamas that fit.

Still buildin'. 🧱

Virtually attending the Nation of Makers conference with the theme of Sustainability: Building & Supporting an Ecosystem That Sustains Us All. While I had hoped to attend this in person down in Eugene, we’re all making the best of the situation right now. Great speakers so far. #NOMCON

I can scarcely believe it. Yesterday, after painstakingly tracing the whole left side of the circuit board, and cautiously attempting some repairs, I actually got this 1990 computer to boot. 😱

Does anyone else have an issue where Mac apps you’ve obtained outside the App Store won’t automatically start when you login? At first, I thought it was just OmniFocus, but now I’ve tracked that down as the common factor.

Today was supposed to be the three year anniversary of acquiring the van, with a leisurely drive to get plant starts out on Sauvie Island. Instead, I spent a couple hours next to a high school replacing the fuel return line that had apparently been chewed through by bored rodents emboldened by COVID-related vehicle disuse.

You win some, you lose some.

I’m still a Safari diehard, and I also tend to have a lot of tabs open. So last night I started on a command line utility to browse, search, and switch Safari tabs called fari.

I’ll be adding support for iCloud Tabs across devices, as well as features like pulling tabs off into separate windows, recombining them, closing them, sorting them, opening them in other browsers, saving and loading sets, and exporting lists of URLs. It will be the keyboard-focused power tool for web browsing that I’d like to see in the world.

I did it in Python because it’s fun and it seems well suited to this type of utility. So far(i), so good.

Been gradually tuning up my links page to try to catalog the interesting things that I come across on the web. For now, they’ll just live there, but I might do an occasional roundup or something like that in the future. I’ve also got a feed, if you’re (still into that | into that again).