I feel like all of this is painfully obvious to even the most ignorant now, but lest it not be clear where I stand:

  1. Wear a damn mask. It’s proven effective and it costs you nothing.
  2. A national-level response to the pandemic is required, but has been missing from the start. This is unprecedented and idiotic. This is why the country is lurching and jerking towards and away from successes, and why overall, things are worse now than they have ever been.
  3. We officially are not allowed to travel to 27 countries whose populations, combined, larger than our country, still have fewer cases than we do. Think about that.
  4. The worst is still ahead of us.
  5. Black lives matter.


Still having a good time with the nephews building on LEGO themes and sharing over video chat. This week’s was “something water”, so I kept things Apple-y and went with a Big Sur-inspired build. πŸ€™πŸ»

I finally got another blog post in about that old 386 computer, actually getting it to work, going through all sorts of retro fun, and learning a bit about our modern-day relationship with computers and the internet.

Project 386 #4: Against all odds, success

I’d love to know if anyone would be interested in seeing a video series of this thing in action, too.

I’ve been building more with LEGOs lately, mostly to have fun with a couple of my nephews over Zoom calls in a noncompetitive, pseudo-LEGO Masters of our own, and a little bit to organize what I have as yet another house-focused project in these quarantined times.

Serendipitously, I recently found a photo that’s probably the earliest of me with LEGOs, probably pre-1980. I looked up the set, tooβ€”it’s Set Number 112 from 1977.

I’d love to recreate this pic sometime. Just need some footie pajamas that fit.

Still buildin'. 🧱

Virtually attending the Nation of Makers conference with the theme of Sustainability: Building & Supporting an Ecosystem That Sustains Us All. While I had hoped to attend this in person down in Eugene, we’re all making the best of the situation right now. Great speakers so far. #NOMCON

I can scarcely believe it. Yesterday, after painstakingly tracing the whole left side of the circuit board, and cautiously attempting some repairs, I actually got this 1990 computer to boot. 😱