I’d love to know if anyone knows about the privacy or data sharing of Bitmoji and their iOS keyboard. Despite not using it for months, I believe they are listening to, and probably selling, all data typed on installed devices.

In past, Jessica and I have only referred to a particular jerky brand in person while at Trader Joe’s together. Several days ago, she was waiting in the (longer COVID-19) line while I was outside and mentioned via Apple Messages that she bought “meat snacks”. We talked about a specific brand and that was that. Remember, Apple Messages are end-to-end encrypted, meaning Apple can’t read your chats.

Later that night, I got a banner ad for the brand, which I had never seen before.

The only vector I can guess is that we both have (welp, I used to have) the Bitmoji keyboard installed, which technically has access to all data typed on our phones.

Combine that with later serving a desktop ad to a household using the same IP address as that phone once it had returned home… it’s absolutely possible.

Ad tech. Man.

Concerning the aforementioned LEGO build, I’m pretty happy with this little guy from earlier today. I didn’t dig into my main collection, but now that I’m thinking about building things more often, I may come up with some sort of organizational system…

Had a dream last night about a game where you had to eat crackers in a certain order to enter a combination. It was called Safe Crackers. I am not making this up.

Still trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on with this guy. Tests have narrowed it down to (still TBD) infections, autoimmune disease, or maybe lymphoma. He’s doing mostly ok now; it’s more about getting ahead of what’s next.