As if being forced to prove you’re human isn’t enough, now they want you to answer incorrectly for some reason. This only allowed me to move on after I picked what is clearly a mailbox in the lower left.

Back home after five nights away. Beautiful sky, perfect air in the house, and lots of cleaning & organizing to do. It looks like life stopped in the middle of Monday, which it basically did.

Day 3 of being evacuated from our house due to air quality. Fortunately, we’ve been able to stay with friends with a newer, more sealed house and a better filtering system. Special thanks to the amazing community at PDX Hackerspace & folks like @romkey for getting the parts out to build sensors, without which we’d be in much worse shape — and the dark. I managed to hook mine up to an Inkplate 6 for a main room readout that everyone can keep an eye on.

I haven’t gotten them worked into auto-posts or their own individual pages yet, but I’ve been publicly bookmarking a lot more things lately, if you think you’d be interested. Check ’em out over here.

We went to the Columbia River Gorge last night, slept in the van, and got up from 3 to 4am to watch the Perseids. Although amazing, it wasn’t worth trying to photograph them, but the view from the van this morning was pretty good! Back home in time for breakfast, too.