I’d love to know if anyone knows about the privacy or data sharing of Bitmoji and their iOS keyboard. Despite not using it for months, I believe they are listening to, and probably selling, all data typed on installed devices.

In past, Jessica and I have only referred to a particular jerky brand in person while at Trader Joe’s together. Several days ago, she was waiting in the (longer COVID-19) line while I was outside and mentioned via Apple Messages that she bought “meat snacks”. We talked about a specific brand and that was that. Remember, Apple Messages are end-to-end encrypted, meaning Apple can’t read your chats.

Later that night, I got a banner ad for the brand, which I had never seen before.

The only vector I can guess is that we both have (welp, I used to have) the Bitmoji keyboard installed, which technically has access to all data typed on our phones.

Combine that with later serving a desktop ad to a household using the same IP address as that phone once it had returned home… it’s absolutely possible.

Ad tech. Man.