Love this on why it’s great to write blog posts:

In fact, your blog indirectly says a few extra things about you. First, it shows that you have the discipline to take the time to structurally and understandably write down a solution to a (complex) problem. Or that you take to the time to voice your opinion on a subject in a clear and concise way.

I found this very true the first time around in self-employment over at my old blog. I essentially found plenty of work for five years through word of mouth and through my blog reaching folks. It even led to living overseas for a time!

And, regarding teaching as learning:

It happens ever so often that while I’m trying to explain something in a blog post, I notice that I have a hard time putting it down in clear and consise words. Typically this is because I apparently don’t fully understand what I’m trying to write down. In these situations, I dive a bit further into the topic to fill the gaps in my understanding. And this is great! I’m actually learning new things while I’m writing down something that I thought I already knew.

So true.