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Safe handling of FileVault volumes with SleepWatcher

Owing to a recent corruption of my usual Time Capsule-based local network backup (which seems to be fairly common), a month or two ago I started backing things up to a local USB 3 drive attached to my Cinema Display. This is probably a stopgap until I decide to redo my Time Capsule backup, but I wanted to get a bit of backup history under my belt before I wipe the old one.

Swift's Objective-C bridging and initializers

I ran into an interesting issue the other day with an Objective-C API that was bridged for use in Swift. For anyone who hasn’t used this functionality before, you can designate one or more Objective-C library header files to include in the workspace by way of a “bridging header”. All of those APIs will be made available to a Swift app. Not only do you get global use of the headers’ APIs, but you get it using Swift’s syntax. It’s pretty neat.

Anatomy of a travel map

Something I’ve wanted for a long time is a map showing places I’ve traveled, additionally with some (hopefully) interesting metadata visualized as well.


Like 2013, this one was, on the whole, solid. Lots of travel, a pivotal year for Mapbox, hobbies and free time receding, but still a good year for growth, harvest, and planting for the future.


This past year was pretty great, tinged with a couple of tough spots, so overall it gets a thumbs up from me. I saw Mapbox grow quite a bit, I amped up a hobby, I bonded with family, I traveled my furthest cumulative distance ever, and much more.