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Writing in order to move on

This was going to be my programming and professional blog. A place to put technical thoughts, store my references to talks I’ve given and places I’ve traveled, and then pontificate on the tech landscape and the things that I keep learning along the way.

A lot has changed since I last wrote here and I debated writing about it elsewhere, but in truth, I need to write about it in order to move on and to get back to the tech stuff, so it might as well be here.

Mirror, mirror

Michelle tasked me this year for our Halloween party to build a magic mirror. You know the type — looks like a normal mirror, but has a spooky face that talks to you out of it. Ok, easy enough. This ended up being a fun project, made more so by me leaving it until the last minute and essentially time-boxing myself to 48 hours to build it out.

Ask me anything

Via my colleague Tom MacWright, I thought I’d give this little “ask me anything” template project a whirl, seeing how it’s so easily accomplished in something like GitHub:

Feel free to post a question there and I’ll try to find time to answer. Seems like an interesting way to engage an audience outside of the context of particular blog posts or Twitter threads.

Updated talks page

Just a note that I’ve finally compiled a full list of talks and recorded appearances that I’ve done over the years. I’ll write more another time about the Jekyll templating that went into it (a positive way to spin it might be that I learned a lot), but for now, it’s up!