Yesterday while I was baking a pie, I was also listening to Led Zeppelin and it occurred to me that a pie-baking, Led Zeppelin-opining video series could be a pretty fun project. 🥧🤘🏻

As solid a birthday as I’ve ever had, so far! Started with a bagel at my favorite spot for the first time in months, and Jessica made sure we went by this on the way. Then watching an old, favorite movie (Gettysburg) and making an apple pie before a dinner of wings from Fire on the Mountain. ❤️

In coordination with the fine folks at PDX Hackerspace, I’ve been working on a 3D printed snap design that, once I got it dialed in, I used to modify the NIH-approved COVID-19 face shield design. This lets it be printed in two halves and easily assembled for those with smaller 3D printers (like me; I have a Lulzbot Mini 2). It’s not approved for official use yet, but I’m working on it!