I’ve been building more with LEGOs lately, mostly to have fun with a couple of my nephews over Zoom calls in a noncompetitive, pseudo-LEGO Masters of our own, and a little bit to organize what I have as yet another house-focused project in these quarantined times.

Serendipitously, I recently found a photo that’s probably the earliest of me with LEGOs, probably pre-1980. I looked up the set, tooβ€”it’s Set Number 112 from 1977.

I’d love to recreate this pic sometime. Just need some footie pajamas that fit.

Still buildin’. 🧱

Virtually attending the Nation of Makers conference with the theme of Sustainability: Building & Supporting an Ecosystem That Sustains Us All. While I had hoped to attend this in person down in Eugene, we’re all making the best of the situation right now. Great speakers so far. #NOMCON

I can scarcely believe it. Yesterday, after painstakingly tracing the whole left side of the circuit board, and cautiously attempting some repairs, I actually got this 1990 computer to boot. 😱

Does anyone else have an issue where Mac apps you’ve obtained outside the App Store won’t automatically start when you login? At first, I thought it was just OmniFocus, but now I’ve tracked that down as the common factor.

Today was supposed to be the three year anniversary of acquiring the van, with a leisurely drive to get plant starts out on Sauvie Island. Instead, I spent a couple hours next to a high school replacing the fuel return line that had apparently been chewed through by bored rodents emboldened by COVID-related vehicle disuse.

You win some, you lose some.